Chi and Co.(formerly Chi Chi), Canley Heights


The last time I went to a fusion restaurant was in Melbourne. So imagine my delight when I found about the existence of Chi Chi Chi and Co. , tucked in on the side (across the ever so popular Holy Basil). Described on its official website as “a blend of mouth watering Vietnamese, Malaysian & Thai flavours”, I couldn’t agree more!. The overall atmosphere elicited a feeling of youthfulness, probably because it specifically targets it. You got to agree after looking at its well-decorated interior!



Just look at this amazing comic-like wallpaper. I remember spotting many bubbles near the bottom though!


Look it was presented on a wooden chopping board *inner hipster screaming with joy*

Going with my mum during lunch, we opted for one entree and one main because we knew we couldn’t finish it (we don’t eat a lot hehehe). Oh my, the entree menus sounded so enticing! But I ended up choosing Tempura School Prawns w/ Jap Mayo because simply anything with Jap Mayo is delish. Not joking it is so much better than other mayo (oddly when I went to search up the dish in its menu it wasn’t there…maybe it was taken off?) hmmmm. Either way it tasted pretty good 🙂


One of the signature mocktails of Chi and Co. (it also houses a bar so yay when I turn 18!)

To complement my dish, I purchased a mocktail! I had heard so much on mocktails in general but I never got around to taste it! It’s too overhyped to be honest…I drank it all in like a minute. I guess it does taste better than the lacklustre soft drink…..but hmm 8 dollars?


Malay curry w/ roti – full of flavour and who doesn’t love roti?!?!?!?!?? plz message me if you don’t so I can persuade you otherwise

My main use of persuasion to get her to take me here was that there was Malaysian cuisine. Both me and my mum have fell in love with Malay cooking after having our first taste at the popular restaurant Mamak at Haymarket (which is known for its freshly made roti). Obviously we wanted to replicate our experience with roti (its so good you must try it) so then the kindest waitress you will ever meet recommended us this specific Malay curry (which I again forgot the name of……next time I’m writing all the names of the dishes I get!!) but I do remember it had fish in it. It was really good….I can’t even explain it. Full of flavour? A little spicy? I guess it depends on people’s flavour palette but for a girl who constantly eats rice every day its a delicious change!

UNFORTUNATELY, I was pretty full so I didn’t get to try its dessert range but definitely next time when I come back 🙂

CRUNCH TIME (for the busy tacos)

Describe it in 5 words?
Unique, youthful, trendy, kind, hidden

How do I get there?
Get there how you would usually get to Canley Heights: Get off at Cabramatta or Canley Vale Station and catch the free shuttle bus! Please don’t be an idiot and try and walk there…….

Drive to ……Shop 3/264 Canley Vale Rd (Entrance via Derby St)
Canley Heights NSW 2166

Why should you go?
In my opinion, Chi and Co. is the epitome of the food revolution in not only Canley Heights but the Cabramatta/Fairfield district. Growing up, I’ve been in and out of typical cheap Vietnamese diners filled with local families. A youth-centric restaurant, Chi and Co. combines both Asian and contemporary flavours with trendy interior designs and youtube covers of mainstream songs (can this place get more hipster or what?). With an attentive service, it is bound of long queues. A smart gem!

Chi Chi on Urbanspoon


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