Criniti’s, Parramatta (and a cameo from Costco)

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The odd thing about having a food blog is the constant desire to eat as much possible in order to blog about it. Even though school (last term of year eleven *cryz*) resumes tomorrow and I still have a bunch of things to finish, I sit in the back seat of the car blogging about my lunch on my ipad (instead of contemplating upon the shock death of  Cory Monteith….which has had a profound impact on me for some bizarre reason). Yes it’s time consuming process but it is something that I do enjoy so it’s okay in a sense. But also, I’m probably not going to blog in term three (prelims ahhhhhh).

Anyhow I find myself in Parramatta on my last remaining holiday for an orthodontics check up and then an X-ray scan for my wisdom teeth. Parramatta to me means CHURCH STREET! Also known as ‘eat street’, me and mum end up dining at Criniti’s because we’ve heard so much good things about Criniti’s Darling Harbour. Plus who can say no to handmade pasta?

the Italian touches!

Criniti’s articulates a younger, modern vibe against the very rustic, family dishes they have on offer.  While the spacious restaurant is decorated with historical paintings and bare brick walls, it also features glass cabinet with deli meat as well as big jars of Nutella (yummm!). I see it as a fusion of traditional interior design with contemporary flair but what do I know? I’m just a high school student who used to spend half of her primary school life decorating her igloo on Club Penguin. We end up sitting outside though because of the nice cool breeze :)
Entree comes out first and it’s a scallop dish. My family often eats scallops as an entree at home so mum was keen to explore new flavours. I personally was a little hesitant because often Italian cuisine aren’t that great at seafood (foodie generalisation perhaps?). As you can see from the photos, the scallop was plump  and juicy (pictured below).  The vermicelli and ‘sauce’ was rich flavour, the soy an interesting twist. However, there were eight scallops and only two stomachs so beware as these entrees are more catered to share!
Scallops vermicelli- gratinated half shell qld scallops with vermicelli, vegetable julienne, soy & lemon $25.90

Scallops vermicelli- gratinated half shell qld scallops with vermicelli, vegetable julienne, soy & lemon $25.90

The main meal arrives and I look at it feeling more sick because it’s cream and I just stomached down four scallops filled with a cheesy cream. In all honesty, the dish was mediocre and plain, even with additional cracked pepper. One perk was the well-cooked tortellini. With fresh pasta, it really enhances the dish’s flavour, the tortellini featuring a soft silky texture. The pancetta was quite delicious too!
Tortellini alla boscaiola- homemade beef tortellini with cream, mushrooms, red onion, pancetta, D.O.P parmigiano & parsley $23.90/$29.90 (different dish sizes

Tortellini alla boscaiola- homemade beef tortellini with cream, mushrooms, red onion, pancetta, D.O.P parmigiano & parsley $23.90/$29.90 (different dish sizes)

They also have an extensive dessert menu available (priced around > $15) but I was so full that I passed on the dessert.
Crunch time (for the busy taco) – Criniti’s (Parramatta)
Describe it in five words 
Comfort food, Italian, flavoursome, 1M pizza (obviously I did not try this !!!), contemporary
How do I get there?
Get off at Parramatta and walk down Church St (you past Morning Glory and the chapel)
291 Church Street, Parramatta NSW 2150
Why should I go?
Despite being a little pricy, Criniti’s dishes are plated with “comfort” portions. It’s ultimately a “comfort food” destination, probably why there are so many locations. Service is ordinary, lukewarm if it is possible to describe service like that hehe. If you do go, I do like to point out that appetisers have big portions, hence why they ~$18. But honestly, I think the Criniti’s brand is too over-hyped. Maybe it’s one metre pizza will change my mind? :P

Criniti’s Parramatta on Urbanspoon

Costco, Auburn
Since we were already in Parramatta (I literally go probably 3 times a year because it’s 40 minutes from my house), we decided to pop over to Costco!
To me there are three types of people who go to Costco: People who go Costco for the bulk products and the cheap pricetag that follows, people who go for the exclusive range of products available (KIRKLAND MATE) and people who go for the free food. I go for the free food. I also go in hopes of meeting Anh Do because according to his autobiography (which I have read three times because he is that awesome), he apparently lives near Yagoona and so it is inevitable that he shops at Costco…… I’m Anh Do’s biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!
Iced Coffee - $2.99 | Churro (coated with cinnamon sugar) - $1.49

Iced Coffee – $2.99 | Churro (coated with cinnamon sugar) – $1.49


What Costco Crossroads is finally opening after a three year wait????????????? Get it together Costco gees

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