La Grilla, Canley Heights

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Another fusion restaurant in the usually asian centric location of Canley Heights? Wow I guess times have really changed! Seriously, Canley Heights was like another Cabramatta. Now its bursting with new and innovative restaurants which I, as a food lover, jump with utter most joy! Okay off topic again. La Grilla is a “modern Korean” restaurant located right next to the new Noggi (*yay*). To me however, “modern korean” does not justify its diversity available in the menu….but later with the food.

When I went, it finally was done with renovations (I went twice before with no success because it was closed…devastation). When you walk it, there is an ambience of cosiness, with bare brick walls evident, hung with I guess you could say “suggestive” canvases. That does not bother me as much because next to it is PSY posing with a korean beer bottle (it’s an advertisement). And to my joy, the staff are Korean!!!! You have no idea how much it annoys me of such Korean restaurants that are run by other nationalities……just no. Okay so this time I go with my ‘pham-ily’, and so we order three dishes! Food here we come!


Complementary side dishes (Kimchi, egg and two other dishes) although I’m pretty sure it changes….awesome right?!

The waitress was really nice and took our orders. And then came out with complementary side dishes and cold green tea!!!!!!!!!!! NOT WATER. NOT ASIAN HOT TEA. I’ve already told myself that I’m coming back.


Korean Fried Chicken (KFC)
Regular (8pc) -$12 || Medium (16pcs) – $24

So the first one is KFC (Korean Fried Chicken). In general, I’ve heard a lot about KFC, particularly in the city but also it was nominated as a popular dish on Urbanspoon for La Grilla so I was to try it. Also I like food with cool puns so obviously I was going to order it. When I went again with a group of friends, my friend loved it. It’s actually quite small, like the Chicken McBites at Maccas but it was good because I knew I would get sick of it! There are eight as I remember, served with a sweet sticky sauce (which my dad loved). It’s a must to try.


MEXI-KOR TACOS are a fabulous must have dish (really all the dishes I pick are must :P). Also comes in a vegetarian way (tofu is substituted) which I hear is equally tasty! $10 for 2!

My second dish that I ordered (I only ate two entrees because I wasn’t really a fan of the main meals…) was OMG WAIT FOR IT….MEXI-KOR TACOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is seriously the sole reason I wanted to go La Grilla. It was amazing. There are two types of tacos – a beef and chicken one (the menu addresses it more specifically) with guacamole and salsa and drizzled with sour cream. It really depends on your tastebuds – its a love it or hate it dish. I loved it but my friend didn’t. Either way it is a really good dish, and you can definitely taste both the Korean flavours from the meat and the mexican from the dressing. It’s fabulous! (which is pretty big because i’m pretty sure dishes cannot be fabulous! haha)


Bibimbab (can’t say anything about it because I didn’t taste it *cryz*). It’s apparently a signature korean dish ….. $14-$19

My parents ordered Bibimbap(?) I had to google that because I have no idea what it is. I remember telling my friend about it, and all I said was a Korean rice dish with egg and she yelled “BIBIMBAP” (as you can see I’m not a fan of K-pop/kdrama awks). Anyways apparently it was nice so AHHAHAH not sure if this paragraph was necessary…..


Green Tea fried icecream! Enough said :)

Finally, as I have a sweet tooth and my dinner was two entrees, I eagerly ordered the only dessert (wait I think there was another one but meh). Literally 3 restaurants down was the place that all the teenagers flocked to for its reconstructed fried ice-cream (its Holy Basil btw), and here I was, blissfully ordering my green tea fried icecream. If you don’t know, I am the biggest green tea fan. From icecream to froyo to pocky to kitkats, I just love green tea. I don’t even know why. It just tastes good. And can I tell you how good the fried icecream good? It’s not the best fried icecream that I’ve tasted honestly but it gave it a run for its money. I loved how it was green tea (originality woo!) and it has been ages since I’ve tasted fried icecream in a ball….so long….childhood come back please.

TAKE TWO (3/7/13)

So the day after I start my blog, my dad drags the pham-ily (yepp get used to my puns) to La grilla again! I was in a grumpy mood at the time but well….food turns that frown upside down!!!!!! HAHAHAH also it gave me a chance to take more photos and find the names of those dishes and the price!! (I’ve already edited it) :)

Look at that cartoon with a Mexican hat!

Look at that cartoon with a Mexican hat!

I knew it! Changing complementary side dishes!!! Includes kimchi, a very interesting mash potato, spicy carrot slices and some onion-like thing :D

I knew it! Changing complementary side dishes!!! Includes kimchi, a very interesting mash potato, spicy carrot slices and some onion-like thing :D

Look at that gorgeous cold green tea...which was free hehehe. I think you can slowly pick up my personality traits

Look at that gorgeous cold green tea…which was free hehehe. I think you can slowly pick up my personality traits!

Chilli pork Quesadilla -grilled chilli pork and Mozzarella cheese, sour cream with radish. It actually tastes pretty nice...very cheesy though :P

Chilli pork Quesadilla -grilled chilli pork and Mozzarella cheese, sour cream with radish. It actually tastes pretty nice…very cheesy though :P

Korea represent??????

Korea represent??????

foodies 012

La Grilla decor hehe

CRUNCH TIME (for the busy tacos) – La Grilla

Describe it in 5 words?
MEXI-KOR TACOS, homely, korean, modern, tea
yep mexi-kor tacos is one word now

How do I get there?
How you usually would get to canley heights…..which is get off at cabramatta or canley vale station and catch the free shuttle to canley heights. Cool cool cool

Drive to…….2/237 Canley Vale Rd
Canley Heights, NSW 2166

Why you should go?
For reasonable Korean food I guess….AND the tacos please. Do it for me, Jessthetaco.

La Grilla on Urbanspoon

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